• Knowledge is Power

    ReviewTrigger users receive a personalized dashboard where they design, monitor and optimize the tool

  • ReviewTrigger Dashboard Controls


    A Flexible Canvas

    With the ReviewTrigger dashboard you can construct and customize your review requests from anywhere at anytime.


    Its a Numbers Game

    Access free customized widgets (signature snippet, QR code, site button) built to help you increase your review quantity.


    Knowledge is Power

    Evaluate ReviewTrigger effectiveness with the review streaming, email engagement and other custom reports in the dashboard.


    Elevate Effectiveness

    Double down on the most effective review request strategies by editing your request process from your dashboard.

  • Design

    Use your dashboard access to adjust your review request. Many of our clients love the flexibility this gives them to update their logo, change copy, try new rating icons and drive customers to different sites. Adjusting these elements is a way our clients optimize their requests based on the review statistics they're monitoring.





    Online review site ranks are driven by review quantity, quality and recency. In order to maintain a constant flow of high quality incoming reviews we offer you customized extensions that can be accessed and downloaded from your dashboard. Here is a brief overview of our most popular extensions; custom "Review Us" buttons can be easily inserted onto your site, Email signature snippets give you the ability to integrate review requests into all of your emails, QR codes can be featured on business cards or store signage.





    Monitoring effectiveness is a requirement in order to maximize your return on the ReviewTrigger investment. Our clients can oversee their ReviewTrigger effectiveness with a collection of reports including review monitoring and request engagement.





    Using the above metrics you can optimize your ReviewTrigger strategy. Perhaps you find that a simple design adjustment dramatically increases reviews. Maybe you discover that how the request is sent (email vs text) and when it's sent significantly impacts your rank. This can all be tested, monitored and adjusted within your ReviewTrigger dashboard.

  • Set up in minutes - not hours

    Our client's average implementation time is 15 minutes. We take care of the set up and integrations.

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